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The Boudin Barndance - 10/27/05

The Boudin Barndance - 10/27/2005
Dan Ferguson
WRIU-FM, 90.3 Kingston, RI
Thursdays 6-9 pm
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Celebrated 11 years of Bloodshot Records on the Boudin Barndance this evening by showcasing the brand new two-CD set "For a Decade of Sin". One of the favorite labels of the Barndance, it's loaded with goodies. In the spirit of Halloween, featured a bunch of tracks from the brand new Ace collection "These Ghoulish Things." It's a collection heavy on early rockin' tracks and most all geared towards the ghouls and goblins scene. New releases to the Barndance library receiving first-time spins tonight included releases from Hasil Adkins (reissue), Rick Shea, Calexico with Iron & Wine, New Pornographers, the Sacred Steel Instrumentals collection from Arhoolie, and the aforementioned Bloodshot and Ace compilations. Buttshaker of the night???? Boy, is this one a no-brainer. It's the Yayhoos, of course, with "Love Train". Now onto the goods.....

Buck Owens, et al/ Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

Hasil Adkins - Blue Suede Shoes / Peanut Butter Rock n Roll (Norton)
Mekons - Point of No Return / I Love Mekons (1/4stick)
Dick Davis - Screamin' Boogie / Ham Hocks & Cornbread (JSP)
Ray Campi - How Low Can You Feel / Eager Beaver Boy (Bear Family)
Horton Bros - North to Dallas / Tempo for Two (Texas Jamboree)
Shaun Young - The List / Wiggle Walk (Goofin)

Kitty Wells - Release Me / Hall of Fame (MCA)
Fern Jones - Thankful You're You / The Glory Road (Numero Group)
Marti Brom - 10 Minutes til Heartaches / Sings Heartache Numbers (Goofin)
Merle Haggard - I Wonder If They Ever Think Of Me / Collectors Series (Capitol)
David Allan Coe - Oh Warden / Penitentiary Blues (HackTone)
Sleepy LaBeef - Completely Destroyed / Honky Tonk Heaven #10 (LB)

Old 97s - Jagged / Alive & Wired (New West)
Rick Shea - Cammellia / Bound for Trouble (Tres Pescadores)
Billy Joe Shaver - Sweet Melody / The Real Deal (Compadre)
Jordan Chassan - Wound Up Way Too Tight / East of Bristol, West of Knoxville (Strong)
Joe West - $300 Car / Human Cannonball (Frogville)
Hank Cochran - I Just Burned a Dream / The Heart of Hank (Koch-Nashville)

Calexico with Iron & Wine - History of Lovers / In the Reins (Overcoat)
Handsome Family - Cold Cold Cold / Twilight (Carrot Top)
Magnolia Electric Company - Werewolves of London / Hard to Love a Man (Secretly Canadian)
New Pornographers - These Are the Fables / Twin Cinema (Matador)
Volebeats - Everytime / Like Her (Turquoise Mt)
Townes Van Zandt - Who Do You Love / Flyin' Shoes (Tomato)
Charlie Sexton - Regular Grind / Cruel & Gentle Things (Backporch)
club listings backdrop:
Various Artists - Sacred Steel Instrumentals (Arhoolie)
Kelly Hogan - Chicken Road / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Bottle Rockets - A Living Hell / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Meat Purveyors - Little White Pills For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
My Morning Jacket - Behind That Locked Door / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)

Nora O'Connor - Two Way Action / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Dollar Store - I Wanna Destroy You / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Catfish - Tell Me / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Waco Bros - I Fought the Law For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Yayhoos - Lovce Train / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)

Moonshine Willy - Way Out West / For a Life of Sin (Bloodshot)
Sundowners - You Don't Know What Lonesome Is / For a Life of Sin (Bloodshot)
Osborne Bros - Long Lanky Woman / Midnight Flyer (MCA)
Billy Goats - Anna Marie / Huevos Rancheros
Iry LeJeune - Jai Ete Au Bal / same (Arhoolie)

................halloweenee time..........
Lord Dat & His Invaders - Wolf Call / Wolf Call! (Norton)
Ghastly Ones - A Ghastly Stomp / A Haunting We Will Go (DGC)
Bobby Boris Picket - Radio plug / These Ghoulish Things (Ace)
The Duponts - Screamin' Ball / These Ghoulish Things (Ace)
Bo Diddley - Bo Meets the Monster / These Ghoulish Things (Ace)
The Blue Echoes - It's Witchcraft / 7" (Bon)
The Swing Rays - Hell-O-Ween / The Big Monster Bash (Sci Fi)
The Kac-Ties - Mr. Werewolf / Wolf Call! (Norton)
The Swingin' Phillies - Frankenstein's Party / These Ghoulish Things (Ace)

Burton & Mooney / Corn Pickin' / Legends of Country Guitar / Rhino (outro)

The Boudin Barndance

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