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Music, Dance, & Love...

Hallo lovely listeners,

I am very excited that I am now current - all my past playlists are up here!  Wahooo!

The last show, my Valentine's Day mix, had me dancing and singing more than ever before in the station, for its first hour.  It was so much fun.  I'm still listening to that mixtape.  :)

The previous one, the anti-Valentine's Day show, was also great in all its angstyness.

I don't have a theme for the next show, so it may be even more random than usual...unless a theme materializes.  We'll see...

Meanwhile, while posting playlists today, I opened the windows in our little house for a full 30 minutes! Wow - and spring is still a month away!

And, I am now off to hot sweaty yoga...

peace & love y'all,


posted by Kristi Martel, 02/18/11