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Listening & Preparing...

Hallo lovely listeners,

Really, it's all about listening.  Being a musician, being a healer, a yogini, a DJ, being engaged and showing up for life - is all about listening.  I'm having a good weekend, because I am spending a lot of time listening to records.  At the moment I am listening to my last show archive.  I love the opening 4 songs' transitions.  It's so nice to be able to hear them later, from the archives.  When I'm in the station, I am listening, but it's different, because I am constantly preparing for the next songs while listening.  It's like being in two places at once.  Sitting with more stillness is a different listening.  I need and enjoy both.

Today I am preparing for tonight's radio show.  I'm excited for it - ALL vinyl!  Weeee!  It's going to span a wide range of sound, from old-time jazz and blues to modern rock and electronica to children's songs and stories...another crazy fluttery butterfly mixtape.  I hope you'll be listening.

Love & sound & light,

Kristi, aka butterfly

posted by Kristi Martel, 05/22/11