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Plants, time swap, decreasing Mixtapes...

Hallo Lovely Listeners,

Firstly, tonight I did an all-plant-themed show. It is a theme babel and I thought up months ago and finally did this weekend. Tonight's playlist is up on this site! His flora showcase was last night.  :)  In two weeks we'll actually be swapping shows!  He will do a babel mixtape, and I will do a butterfly's showcase.  This means I'll be on Saturday 9-midnight, and he'll be on Sunday midnight to 3am (two weeks from now). It also means that I will be playing electronica and he will be playing more aaa or avant-rock (or whatever the heck I play) stuff...

I have been asking for an earlier timeslot for at least a year now, but none have become available.  The lateness of my show is wreaking a bit of havoc with my wellness and my own music-making.  Because of this, I have started to wonder if I need to stop doing my show, which makes me very sad, because I LOVE doing it SO much!  So, I am going to skip September, take a little break, and then do a show the first Sunday of October, and a show the first Sunday of November.  That November show will mark the 2-year anniversary of my butterfly mixtapes!  And it may be my last show.  I haven't decided yet.

If you have thoughts about any of this, please feel free to befriend me over at, and tell me everything.  :)

Or, you can email me directly at

Thanks SO much for listening!

Be peace y'all,


posted by Kristi Martel, 08/12/12