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Playlist - 18 December 2011

butterfly mixtape #27... (ALL Peter Gabriel, inspired by his new album "New Blood," which consists of orchestral remakes of his older work...)

The Feeling Begins - Passion

The Rhythm of the Heat - 4/Security

The Rhythm of the Heat - New Blood

Downside Up - Ovo

Downside Up - New Blood

San Jacinto - 4/Security

San Jacinto - New Blood

Intruder - 3/Melt

Intruder - New Blood

Wallflower - 4/Security

Wallflower - New Blood

Open - Passion

In Your Eyes - So

In Your Eyes - New Blood

Mercy Street - So

Mercy Street - New Blood

Red Rain - So

Red Rain - New Blood

Darkness - Up

Darkness - New Blood

Sandstorm - Passion

Don't Give Up - So

Don't Give Up - New Blood

Digging in the Dirt - Us

Digging in the Dirt - New Blood

The Nest That Sailed the Sky - Ovo

The Nest That Sailed the Sky - New Blood

Solsbury Hill - 1/car

Solsbury Hill - New Blood

Games Without Frontiers - 3/Melt

Games Without Frontiers (sync remix) - Real World Remixed site

It Is Accomplished - Passion

Bread and Wine - Passion