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WRIU Hip-Hop


Weekdays 3:00-6:00pm; Mondays & Monday-Thursday Midnight-3am
Format Director: DJ Nook (hiphop @

The latest in underground hip-hop.

Monday (1-3pm): Roundtable Radio with Roundtable 401

Monday (3-6pm): True School Hip Hop with DJ King Ruckus

Monday (Midnight-3am): Bennett Knows Radio with Bennett Koffa

Tuesday (3-6pm): Real Rap Radio with Jim Brows, Bardwell and DJ Nook

Tuesday (Midnight-3am): Roundtable Radio with Roundtable 401

Wednesday (3-6pm): Sterbyrock Radio Warped Wax Wednesdays with Sterbyrock

Thursday (3-6pm): Unofficial Singles with DJ Platz

Friday (3-6pm): Black Fridays with DJ Blacklist, Dutty & Chuck Reeves

Hot Wax

Independent, underground hip-hop, homegrown & worldwide