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WRIU Programming

Program Guide

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5:30-6am: wings (public affairs)

6:00-8am: the garage (straight ahead jazz and anything else we find in the back of the garage) with dino d

8-10am: swing shift (straight ahead jazz, swing, standards) with bill melone

10am-12:30pm: divertimento (ancient to modern classical) with allen lawton

12:30-1pm: the beauty salon (exploring all things aesthetic in the state of ri)

1-3pm: roundtable radio (hip hop) with roundtable 401

3-6pm: truskool session with king ruckus

6-9pm: traditions (folk, roots & americana) with tom duksta

9pm-midnight: a real radio show (indie/alternative) with chris warren

12-3am: bennett knows radio (hip-hop) with bennett koffa

3-5:30am: tba

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5:30-6am: this way out (public affairs)

6-8am: jazz journey (mixed jazz forms) with erika

8-10am: jazz explorer (modern jazz) with gordon forman

10am-12:30pm (alternating): divertimento (classical) with bob kinzel

10am-12:30pm (alternating): divertimento (classical) with mathilda hills

12:30-1pm: sports power half hour (sports/talk) with tom porter & the wriu sports all-stars

1-3pm: alternative afternoons (alternative/indie/punk) with miranda fraraccio

3-6pm: real rap radio (hip-hop) with dj nook, bardwell and jim brows

6-9pm: the kingston coffeehouse (folk & acoustic) with jane falvey

9pm-midnight: objective truth radio (rock) with jeremy leclair

midnight-3am: tba (tba) with tba

3-5am: tba

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5:30-6am: wriu news presents -or- sierra club radio (public affairs)

5-8am: snooze station (jazz) with manny morales

8-10am: jazz with james (jazz) with james thompson

10am-12:30pm: divertimento (classical) with mark hinkley

12:30-1pm: sports power half hour (sports/talk) with tom porter & the wriu sports all-stars

1-3pm: tail fins and drive-ins (oldies) with trevor ranski

3-6pm: sterbyrock radio warped wax wednesdays (hip-hop) with dj sterbyrock

6-9pm: the celtic realm (irish scottish traditional music) with laura travis

9pm-midnight: the killer b's two-hour radio hour (indie/classic rock/folk) with just barth and friends

midnight-3am: tba (tba) with tba

3-5:30am: tba (tba) with tba

mon | tues | wed | thurs | fri | sat | sun


5:30-6am: handi-link (public affairs)

6:00-8am: triodes, horns and recorded improvisations (1920's & 30's historic/vintage recordings, jazzy cartoon soundtracks, progressive rock, jazz rock, avant/experimental, hi-fi demonstration vinyl, zappa!) with joe ray

8-10am: vocalists and localists (jazz and blues singers featuring local jazz artists) with vocalist tish adams

10am-12:30pm: divertimento (classical) with the classical gals (judith anderson & marcia blair)

12:30-1pm: sports power half hour (sports/talk) with tom porter & the wriu sports all-stars

1-3pm: studio g (indie/alternative rock) with gianna rengigas

3-6pm: unofficial singles (hip-hop) with dj platz

6-9pm: the boudin barndance (anything goes) with dan ferguson

9pm-midnight: the mix tape (live and recorded rock) with matt dz

midnight-3am: tba

3-5:30am: tba

mon | tues | wed | thurs | fri | sat | sun


5:30-6am: latin waves (public affairs)

6-10am: hard boiled rhythm (vaudeville, swing, r&b, soul, real rock 'n roll, latin, cajun, zydeco, western swing) with the eggman

10am-12:30pm (rotating): divertimento (classical) with ron marsh

10am-12:30pm (rotating): divertimento (classical) with john t. armstrong

12:30-1pm: sports power half hour (sports/talk) with tom porter & the wriu sports all-stars

1-3pm: the indie mix (indie/alternative) with carly lane & olivia perrault

3-6pm: black fridays (hip-hop) with dj blacklist, chuck reeves & dutty

6-9pm: the bluegrass breakdown (bluegrass dagnabbit) with mike fischman, "the occasional host" & john stey

9pm-midnight: delirium (freeform) with jim morgan

midnight-3am: original control (ambient/techno/drone) with brian horton

3-5:30am: eminence front radio (classic rock) with joe mooney

mon | tues | wed | thurs | fri | sat | sun


5:30-6am: making contact (public affairs)

6-9am: one o'clock radio (classic rock) with cyberlarson

9-11am: voices of women (women artists) with beth, gail, lizzy, liza and krissy

11am-2pm: blade connex radio (reggae/dancehall) with dj blade mon

2-4:30pm: cvabc: capeverdean afro beats connections (cape verdean/world) with dj big joe, rosy, amadeu

4:30-7pm: top rank radio show (reggae) with dj babymatt

7-9pm: alchemy (instrumental) with greg young

9pm-midnight: babel's showcase (electronic) with babel

9pm-midnight (last saturday of the month): that damn beep beep music (electronic music) with echo


9pm-3am (rotating): the hour of the owl (electronic/soundtracks) with mr. who

9pm-3am (rotating): a dark & tranquil place (electronic) with peter lee

3-5:30am: intergalactic sine waves (electronic music) with dj koleco

mon | tues | wed | thurs | fri | sat | sun


5:30-6am: radio curious (public affairs)

6-8am: sunday morning jazz (classic jazz with a side of vinyl) with ricky j.

8-11am: world wide waves (world music) with rotating hosts, bruce decker, dan kahn, chris stewart and dj madame b

11am-2pm: shades of blue (blues) with rotating hosts paul mania, mark crook and larry phillips

2-5pm: the reggae showcase (reggae/dub/roots/ska/rockers/rocksteady) with peter dante

5-8pm: the wriu children's show (vintage and new children's songs, television and movie music and more all ages fun) with bill j. parker

8-9pm: dial "h" for hour (radio theatre) featuring the doctor and his companions, orson welles, raymond edward johnson, william spier and many others

9pm-midnight: high vibes radio (reggae) with dj eric or mike potatoes

midnight-3am: the week in review (public affairs)

3-5:30am: music for aliens (independent top 40) with thomas greene

mon | tues | wed | thurs | fri | sat | sun

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sports/public affairs

student freeform


folk & roots