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WRIU Radiothon

Radiothon 2015

This year, WRIU's annual fundraiser, Radiothon, runs from Sunday, March 22 through Sunday, March 29.

These eight days will be the one time all year when we take to the air to ask you, our listeners, for financial support.

As always, you should call in during your favorite WRIU program and make your pledge by calling our phone numbers (401) 792-9030 or 1-888-303-WRIU (1-888-303-9748).

You can also make a pledge online by using our online Radiothon form, using the links in the leftmost column.

While WRIU receives funding from the URI Student Senate to cover most basic day-to-day expenses like office supplies and our telephone bill, that funding does not cover the extensive needs of a radio station.

Your support of the station is necessary for us to continue to bring you the programming you expect and enjoy all year. From these funds we pay for essentials like repairs and maintenance on our transmitter, replacement of broken equipment, and royalty fees and equipment for our webcast.

We also put some of it away for a rainy, or perhaps snowy, day, when ice acumulates on our antenna or that inevitable day when our transmitter needs replacement. Without the funds that we collect, and save, from radiothon, we would likely be unable to recover from such a setback.

Not only do we get something valuable out of your (tax-deductible) donation, you benefit as well. Aside from the obvious benefit of the continued existence of one of the largest and most diverse non-commercial radio stations in the country at a time when corporate ownership is at an all time high, we have a great assortment of "thank you" gifts for you!

This year we're offering many exciting premiums with the WRIU logo prominently emblazoned upon them, including some noting our 75th anniversary!

  • All donors will receive our "basics", which include a bumper sticker, a pair of sunglasses, a sticky note pad and a pen.
  • Donors giving $25-49.99 will get those basics plus our 75th anniversary plastic cup.
  • A contribution between $35-49.99 can get you a charcoal short-sleeve T-shirt, along with our basics.
  • Donations of $50-74.99 can get you a string bag to carry your included basics around in.
  • If you donate $75-99.99, you'll receive the basics and a 1/4 inch zip sweatshirt in black.
  • Donors wishing to give a gift of $100 or more will get one of each item we're offering: The bumper sticker, sunglasses, pen, sticky notes, anniversary cup, T-shirt, string bag and sweatshirt.

You can mix and match premiums (or get more than one of a particular one) as long as you donate the minimum amount for each premium. For example, if you want a pair of the anniversary cups, you can get them for a $50 donation instead of the string bag, just let us know.

Many programs and music departments will be offering their own special premiums in addition to the station-wide premiums. Some will be surprises announced during their shows, but you can find out about others (and a little more about the station-wide premiums) on the premiums page.

Whether you donate by phone or by web, we appreciate your support!

When you do donate, please remember to get your payment to us as soon as possible. Our mailing address is:

326 Memorial Union
Kingston, RI 02881

2015 Premiums

Any Donation: The Basics (including a pen, a bumper sticker, sunglasses and a pad of sticky notes)

$25-34.99: Basics + 75th Anniversary Plastic Cup

$35-49.99: Basics + Short Sleeve T-Shirt

$50-74.99: Basics + String Bag Backpack

$75-99.99: Basics + 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

$100+: Everything (One of each item)

Department-Specific Premiums

Some departments and programs are offering additional premiums. If you are donating to those departments or programs, please note the additional premiums you want in the "Special Premiums" box on the form.

All Children's Show donors will receive the 2015 Listener Pack, including a Golden Ticket, as well as a raffle ticket to win an Emerald Ticket. You'll get additional raffle tickets with each additional $25 donated. For a $100 listeners will get an Emerald Ticket (letting you request 30 minutes of songs in a big block on a Sunday of your choosing).

All Jazz department donors can choose a surprise CD based on your favorite styles/artists. Jazz donors giving $50 or more can select from a list of CDs from Whaling City Sounds.

The Classical department will be offering a wide variety of CDs and several pairs of tickets.

The Folk department will be offering CDs from Red House, Alligator, Rounder, Compass and Vanguard.

In addition to some CDs, donors calling in to the Boudin Barndance can get a Boudin Barndance magnet.

For more information, including full details of the special premiums, visit the premiums page.