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WRIU Radiothon

Radiothon 2015

As always, your gift to us results in gifts to you! Yes, we're that nice!

Everyone donating to the station will get our "basics" which include the following:

  • A practical retractable pen, this time featuring a white barrel with black ink, with the WRIU logo in contrasting black. We can't promise using this pen will make you write clever and original things, but it might just make others think you are!
  • A WRIU bumper sticker featuring a retro blue-on-gold design in honor of our anniversary. Make any car a luxury car by adding proof that the radio is tuned to the greatest station in the world.
  • A pair of WRIU sunglasses. These favorites return with black frames to go with any fashion style, and the WRIU and RIU2 logos tastefully displayed in white along the sides.

With a donation of $25-34.99, you get all of that plus our special 75th Anniversary plastic cup, featuring the WRIU and RIU2 logos in white on a black 22oz cup. If you aren't thirsty, you can always store your WRIU pen collection in it.

Donations between $35-49.99 gets you this year's WRIU T-Shirt in addition to the basics.

  • This year's shirt is a short-sleeve T-Shirt in charcoal, with the WRIU logo in classic blue on the front, and the WRIU and RIU2 website listed on the back in white. As usual, fashion conscious persons everywhere will envy your wardrobe choice whenever you wear it.

A donation of $50-74.99, you get the basics and a convenient WRIU string bag in blue with the WRIU and RIU2 logos in white. Forget checking your bag, everyone else will be checking it out for you.

For donations between $75-99.99, you get our new 1/4 inch zip sweatshirt in black with the WRIU logo in blue (as well as the basics, of course).

As long time listeners know, the best deal in Kingston is the $100 donation: for any donation $100 or above, you get one of each item!

  • Pen
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Pair of sunglasses
  • Sticky Notes
  • Anniversary Cup
  • T-Shirt
  • String Bag
  • 1/4 Inch Zip Sweatshirt

You can mix and match premiums (or get more than one of a particular one) as long as you donate the minimum amount for each premium. For example, if you want a pair of the anniversary cups, you can get them for a $50 donation instead of the string bag, just let us know.

Many programs and music departments will be offering their own special premiums in addition to the station-wide premiums. Some items of limited quantity will be exclusively available by calling in during a show (until supplies run out), but others will be available for donating online through April 13. Make sure you request the premiums you want! Those include:

The Children's Show

  • All donors to The WRIU Children's Show will get this year's listener pack, which includes trading card, a Golden Ticket to bump your request up to the top of the list and other swell things, as well as a raffle ticket for an Emerald Ticket enabling you to request a half hour long block of songs on the Sunday of your choice.
  • Each additional $25 donation gets you an additional raffle ticket (2/$25, 3/$50/4/$75)
  • Donors giving $100 or more can skip the raffle entirely, since they get an Emerald Ticket all of their own.

The Jazz Department

  • All donors to the Jazz department can choose a surprise CD based on the type of jazz/artist that they like.
  • Jazz donors giving $50 or more can choose from a selection of jazz CDs by Whaling City Sounds. These include:
    • "We're Back!" Thrasher Dream Trio: Gerry Gibbs, drums; Kenny Baron, piano; Ron Carter, bass
    • "Motif" Greg Abate Quartet: Greg Abate, saxes & flute; John Lockwood, bass; Mark Walker, drums; Tim Ray, piano
    • "To Carmen With Love" Shawnn Manteiro, vocals; Mike Renzi, piano; Dave Zinno, bass; Steve Langone, drums
    • "Samsara" Expansions: Dave Liebman, soprano sax & flute; Bobby Avey, piano; Matt Vashlishan, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Tony Marino, bass, Alex Ritz, drums
    • "NYC Sessions" Dave Bass, piano; Harvie S, bass; Ignacio Berroa, drums; with special guest: Phil Woods, alto sax
    • "Screamin' & Cryin' the Blues," Mark T. Small, guitar, vocals

The Classical Show: Divertimento

  • The Classical Show ("Divertimento") will be offering a wide variety of cds and the following tickets to donors who call in during the program Monday through Friday from 10am-12:30pm:
    • four pairs ($30 donation) to the Jamestown Community Chorus concert, "Brush Up Your Shakespeare" on May 2 (7:30 p.m.) and May 3 (3:00 p.m.) at the Central Baptist Church, Jamestown
    • two pairs ($50 donation) to the Westerly Chorus concert "Faure Requiem and Jenkins Gloria" on May 17 (one pair for 4:00 p.m. and one pair for 6:00 p.m.), 119 High Street, Westerly
    • two pairs ($50 donation) to the Kingston Chamber Music Festival from July 22-August 2 (days and times to be determined), Fine Arts Center, Kingston
    • five pairs ($60 donation) to the Newport Music Festival in July (actual series to pick from determined by going to web site), various mansions in Newport

The Folk Department

  • Donors to the Folk department can choose from CDs from Red House, Alligator, Rounder, Compass and Vanguard.
    • 1. rounder records the Gibson Brothers 'brotherhood'
    • 2. Red House - Eliza Gilkyson, 'The Nocturne Diaries'
    • 3. Compass - Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny - At It Again'
    • 4. Vanguard - Various Artists, 'Sweet Relief III, Pennies From Heaven'
    • 5. Alligator - 40th Anniversary Collection

The Boudin Barndance

  • In addition to some CDs, donors calling in during the Boudin Barndance on Thursday will be able to get a Boudin Barndance magnet.

Whether you donate by phone or by web, we appreciate your support!

When you do donate, please remember to get your payment to us as soon as possible. Our mailing address is:

326 Memorial Union
Kingston, RI 02881

2015 Premiums

Any Donation: The Basics (including a pen, a bumper sticker, sunglasses and a pad of sticky notes)

$25-34.99: Basics + 75th Anniversary Plastic Cup

$35-49.99: Basics + Short Sleeve T-Shirt

$50-74.99: Basics + String Bag Backpack

$75-99.99: Basics + 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

$100+: Everything (One of each item)

Department-Specific Premiums

Some departments and programs are offering additional premiums. If you are donating to those departments or programs, please note the additional premiums you want in the "Special Premiums" box on the form.

All Children's Show donors will receive the 2015 Listener Pack, including a Golden Ticket, as well as a raffle ticket to win an Emerald Ticket. You'll get additional raffle tickets with each additional $25 donated. For a $100 listeners will get an Emerald Ticket (letting you request 30 minutes of songs in a big block on a Sunday of your choosing).

All Jazz department donors can choose a surprise CD based on your favorite styles/artists. Jazz donors giving $50 or more can select from a list of CDs from Whaling City Sounds.

The Classical department will be offering a wide variety of CDs and several pairs of tickets.

The Folk department will be offering CDs from Red House, Alligator, Rounder, Compass and Vanguard.

In addition to some CDs, donors calling in to the Boudin Barndance can get a Boudin Barndance magnet.

For more information, including full details of the special premiums, visit the premiums page.