Cage The Elephant's 'Ready To Let Go' Song Review

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“Ready To Let Go” Song Review

By Makenzie Failla

I love Cage The Elephant as much as the next person. They are truly a timeless band, and they consistently release good music. While many bands seem to fall short on every other album, Cage The Elephant pushes boundaries and continues to stay relevant within Indie Rock.

Their new single “Ready To Let Go” instantly captured my attention. The song, presumably, speaking on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius opens with the lyrics, “sun went down, sun went down over Pompeii,” and continues with lyrics such as, “as we slow dance, I became your statue, frozen.” These lyrics brought me back to my middle school history class as I marveled at the innocent victims of Pompeii, Italy.

Cage The Elephants subtle story telling allows for any sort of interpretation. Most songs in general are not always literal. Simply put, this song is about letting go. Perhaps, even, breaking up with a significant other. Lyrics such as “I’m ready to let go, no, I was fooling myself,” and “don’t you worry baby, no sense trying to change, I’ma strike these matches, never had control,” could all elude to the eruption a breakup could produce.

The bands fifth studio album, ‘Social Cues’ is to be released on April 19, 2019. Watch the enticing video below!





Author: Makenzie Failla
FM Program Director at WRIU

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